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$719.00 $899.00 20% Off
- Upright ride positioning provides excellent visibility, comfort, and easy on/off the bike transitions - Wide-range, 1x8 drivetrain with twist shifter and disc brakes provides simple, easy shifting, and great stopping power - Affordable price point keeps ultimate comfort within reach—even with a suspension fork and seatpost for maximum cushioning - Relaxed headtube angle provides more predictable and steady steering with nothing sneaking up on you - Relaxed seat tube angle brings the rider position less over the bars and more evenly positioned with better posture - Size-specific wheels allow for the perfect height-to-wheelsize match for a closer fit Wheel size: Size Small: 26-inch Size Medium: 27.5-inch Size Large: 29-inch
$699.00 $1,029.00 32% Off
- Eco-friendly rice husk particulate grips and pedals are sustainably manufactured using rice field waste product - 100% recycled 650B x 44 tires and inner tubes provide a supple, sustainable footprint for a smooth ride - Saddle borrows eco-friendly materials and manufacturing process from the Chinese bicycle-sharing market—proving overseas manufacturing can be done responsibly and inexpensively - Classic vintage 3-piece crankset furthers the Soulville's heritage looks - Centered stance provides even, predictable handling - Color-matched, custom, 3-slat front rack broadens versatility
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